Easy Cleaning for Popcorn Machines

Daily Cleaning:

After you are finished popping corn for the day wait about 30 minutes until all components of the machine have cooled to a temperature that is safe to touch. Unplug machine from the wall for safety and remove all popcorn, remove kettle, and corn drawer. Spray all surfaces with recommended cleaner #2580CN Concession Equipment (aerosol )spray. Let the cleaner set for a few minutes and wipe clean.   

2580 Concession Degreaser

After degreasing machine then use our recommended  #2588CN Glass and Plastic Cleaner to clean, polish metal surfaces, glass  and plastics. No Ammonia in this cleaner so will not make you plastic cloudy.

#2588 Glass and Plastic Cleaner

Deeper Cleaning

On a weekly basis you may choose to clean the inside of the Kettle with our recommended #2095 Heat ‘N Kleen  which removes carbon deposit and is non toxic and safe for most metals. Make solution per manufacturers directions.   Put solution into your kettle.  Turn on Kettle heat and watch closely. When it starts to boil turn heat off (DO NOT BOIL)and allow to cool for 30 minutes,  dump solution carefully into a basin or pail and wipe clean.

#3095 Heat N' Kleen

#2095 Heat N' Kleen


At no time should the kettle of the popcorn machine be immersed in water.

Heavy Carbonized kettle will need additional help.

Recommended cleaner #2172CN Kleen Sweep heavy duty carbon cleaner 19 Oz. cans. Specially formulated cleaner actually softens and dissolves carbon build up on grills, kettles and any other concession or cooking equipment. Be sure when using this product you wear gloves and protect any surfaces other then the products you are cleaning. You may need to leave the product on over night and wipe clean with rags. If your kettle has heavy carbon build up you may need to repeat this several times. This should not be used on painted enamel surfaces, plexiglas or plastic. This product will help reduce your cleaning time tremendously.

#2173 Kleen Sweep

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